Music For A Good Home – £1,200 raised so far!

Music For A Good Home 3 and Oxford Edition were released a month ago today and we’re very happy to say that the two albums combined have raised more than £1,200 so far!

Music for a Good Home has had some lovely coverage in the press too, including a brilliant interview about how the albums came together on BBC Radio Oxford, which is well worth a listen. The Quietus wrote a lovely piece, calling us ‘ace’ and the album ‘brilliant’ and The405 gave Music for a Good Home 3 a glowing 8/10 review, saying ‘there are many important reasons to buy Audioscope’s latest collection of exclusives’.

We want to thank each and every one of you who’s bought a copy, but we also know that there’s a long way to go – every copy sold means more money towards Shelter’s vital work fighting homelessness and bad housing. So if you’ve not bought a copy, we’d love it if you’d consider picking one up. And if you have bought the albums, please tell a friend!


Music For A Good Home is out today!

The big day is here at last! Today (16 June) we release not one, but TWO fantastic albums.

Music For A Good Home 3 – 31 new and exclusive tracks from the best alternative musicians around the world
Music For A Good Home – Oxford Edition – our snapshot of the vibrant Oxfordshire music scene

The most important thing to know is that because every single band and artist has donated their music for free, all of the proceeds from both albums go directly to helping Shelter’s vital work fighting homelessness and bad housing in the UK.

We’ve been touched and inspired by the goodwill, support and energy for the cause and for Audioscope that every artist has shown while we’ve been putting the album together. There’s a total of FIFTY tracks across two albums, taking in everything from electronica and experimental noise to beautiful folk and raucous guitars, there really is something for everyone.

Here’s what John Parish, who donated beautiful track ‘That Car’, said to us.


‘Music For A Good Home – Oxford Edition’ also announced!

Another week and another album release from Audioscope! To complement our new album Music For A Good Home 3, we really wanted to showcase the best of the music scene that we call home ourselves – Oxford.

So we’re proud to present our very own snapshot of the best music from Oxfordshire, Music For a Good Home – Oxford Edition. The album is made up of 19 tracks of new and exclusive music taking in every aspect of Oxford’s diverse and rich music scene.

Over the course of the album, we take in everything from the unforgiving doom metal of Undersmile and the heartfelt Americana of Toliesel, to the instrumental post rock of Listing Ships, and speakeasy jazz of The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band. There’s also the spiky post-punk of Spinner Fall and Hot Hooves, going alongside the droney experimentation of Opened Space and Lee Riley’s LR/GW project.

The album, which also features the beautiful songwriting of Jess Hall, Tamara and The Martyrs and Jordan O’Shea on its 19-strong tracklist, is released on 16 June for a minimum donation of just £4 to Shelter, and can be preordered now from

The tracklisting for Music For A Good Home – Oxford Edition is as follows:
1. Toliesel – Brothers
2. Kid Kin – Frippery The Villain
3. Undersmile – Killer Bob
4. Jess Hall – Sail Home
5. The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band – Eynsham Witches (live)
6. Reichenbach Falls – The Best I Could
7. Hot Hooves – Limp Home Mode
8. Jordan O’Shea – These Songs Are About You, They’re Not For You
9. LR/GW – Heaven’s Silver Shadow
10. The Scholars – False Start
11. ArtClassSink – Cry For Help
12. Coma Wall – You Are My Death
13. Listing Ships – Trace Inverter (Karhide Wolves remix)
14. Opened Space – The Clearing
15. Spinner Fall – By Numbers
16. Tamara And The Martyrs – Real Bad Lover
17. Agness Pike – Boing Boing Boing
18. D Gwalia – Illuminations
19. We Aeronauts – Cope

The Oxford album goes alongside Music For A Good Home 3, which we announced last week. Featuring 31 new and exclusive tracks from the likes of Amon Tobin, Future of the Left, Seefeel and John Parish, it brings together some of the world’s finest alternative musicians to fight homelessness with every copy.

You can pre-order Music For A Good Home 3 for £7 and see the full tracklisting by clicking here.

Amon Tobin, John Parish and 29 more team up for ‘Music For A Good Home 3’

As anticipated last week, we have exciting news!

We’re back with a brand new edition, Music For A Good Home 3, which is now available to pre-order at

Once again, all the tracks are new, exclusive or rare, and we have 31 of the most exciting and innovative artists from all around the world, all donating tracks to help us fight homelessness.

Music For a Good Home 3 takes in everything from the woozy electronica of Amon Tobin, Seefeel and Dirty Beaches, through to the earnest songwriting of John Parish and Dave Heumann (Arbouretum). There’s also the offbeat pop of Grumbling Fur and Esben And The Witch, heads-down rock from Future of the Left and Metz, and the off-the-wall experimentation of Magik Markers, Chrome Hoof and Xiu Xiu.

Here’s the full tracklisting:

1. Amon Tobin – Madam Larivee (digital exclusive)
2. John Parish – That Car (exclusive)
3. Future Of The Left – Home Taping Is Killing Susan (from sold-out tour EP, unavailable elsewhere)
4. Grumbling Fur – Bogwalker (exclusive)
5. Seefeel – Ever Me (exclusive)
6. Esben and the Witch – Strangers in a Sunless Valley (exclusive)
7. Pye Corner Audio – Tension (exclusive)
8. Dirty Beaches – Diaspora (exclusive)
9. Metz – Leave Me Out
10. The Fauns – 7 Hours (Lost Bass demo mix) (exclusive)
11. Eluvium – Cognition Interlace (exclusive)
12. Tall Firs – Shovel Handle (exclusive)
13. Fixers – I Think This City Needs A Beach (We Need A Wasteland) (exclusive)
14. Flowers of Hell – Heiligen (exclusive)
15. Belbury Poly – The Glomp (exclusive)
16. Dave Heumann (Arbouretum) – Willi O’ Winsbury (exclusive)
17. Barn Owl – Silvertraces (exclusive)
18. Danny Paul Grody (Tarentel, The Drift) – Hidden Valley (exclusive)
19. Thought Forms – Without Son (exclusive)
20. Wolf People – Kitchen (exclusive)
21. Karhide – Give Shelter (exclusive)
22. Salvation Bill – Blackwood (exclusive)
23. Land Observations – Via Cassia (exclusive)
24. Chrome Hoof – When The Lightning Strikes (extended version) (exclusive)
25. Melodien – Rayograph #469 (exclusive)
26. Spring Offensive – Synapse to Synapse (previously available to album pledgers only)
27. Walls – Touch & Vision (exclusive)
28. Six by Seven – Breakdown (exclusive)
29. Xiu Xiu – Paper Mario (exclusive)
30. Epic45 – Weathering (Bracken remix) (exclusive)
31. Magik Markers – Detail of Judith with the Head of Holofernes (exclusive)
The album is available for a £7 minimum donation to Shelter at

Since every artist has donated their music for free, and the album is a digital release only, you can be assured that everything you donate will be going to Shelter’s work fighting homelessness.

The album is released on Monday 16 June, but it’s available to preorder now. When you preorder, you’ll get the Grumbling Fur track immediately, and the rest of the album straightaway on release day.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about such a fantastic collection of music – and we’ve got more announcements over the next few weeks too, so look out for those.

New album ‘Music For A Good Home 3’ out in June

We have a date for your calendars – our new release Music For A Good Home 3 is out on June 16!

If you liked our previous effort Music For A Good Home 2, you’ll love this new, exciting release. We’ll reveal the tracklisting very soon, but believe us – it is excellent, so make sure you come back here to check. You can also sign up to our mailing list to get the news before anyone else, or you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.