‘Music For A Good Home – Oxford Edition’ also announced!

Another week and another album release from Audioscope! To complement our new album Music For A Good Home 3, we really wanted to showcase the best of the music scene that we call home ourselves – Oxford.

So we’re proud to present our very own snapshot of the best music from Oxfordshire, Music For a Good Home – Oxford Edition. The album is made up of 19 tracks of new and exclusive music taking in every aspect of Oxford’s diverse and rich music scene.

Over the course of the album, we take in everything from the unforgiving doom metal of Undersmile and the heartfelt Americana of Toliesel, to the instrumental post rock of Listing Ships, and speakeasy jazz of The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band. There’s also the spiky post-punk of Spinner Fall and Hot Hooves, going alongside the droney experimentation of Opened Space and Lee Riley’s LR/GW project.

The album, which also features the beautiful songwriting of Jess Hall, Tamara and The Martyrs and Jordan O’Shea on its 19-strong tracklist, is released on 16 June for a minimum donation of just £4 to Shelter, and can be preordered now from www.musicforagoodhome.com

The tracklisting for Music For A Good Home – Oxford Edition is as follows:
1. Toliesel – Brothers
2. Kid Kin – Frippery The Villain
3. Undersmile – Killer Bob
4. Jess Hall – Sail Home
5. The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band – Eynsham Witches (live)
6. Reichenbach Falls – The Best I Could
7. Hot Hooves – Limp Home Mode
8. Jordan O’Shea – These Songs Are About You, They’re Not For You
9. LR/GW – Heaven’s Silver Shadow
10. The Scholars – False Start
11. ArtClassSink – Cry For Help
12. Coma Wall – You Are My Death
13. Listing Ships – Trace Inverter (Karhide Wolves remix)
14. Opened Space – The Clearing
15. Spinner Fall – By Numbers
16. Tamara And The Martyrs – Real Bad Lover
17. Agness Pike – Boing Boing Boing
18. D Gwalia – Illuminations
19. We Aeronauts – Cope

The Oxford album goes alongside Music For A Good Home 3, which we announced last week. Featuring 31 new and exclusive tracks from the likes of Amon Tobin, Future of the Left, Seefeel and John Parish, it brings together some of the world’s finest alternative musicians to fight homelessness with every copy.

You can pre-order Music For A Good Home 3 for £7 and see the full tracklisting by clicking here.