Oxford Guitar Orchestra: Live at AUDIOSCOPE16 (2017)

The Oxford Guitar Orchestra perform “Guitar Trio, Part 2” as part of the AUDIOSCOPE festival in Oxford, November 2016.

Performed by:

  • Michael Chilcott (Kancho, Idiot King)
  • Laurence Colbert (Ride)
  • Henry Dartnall (Young Knives)
  • Thomas Dartnall (Young Knives)
  • Stuart Fowkes (Listing Ships)
  • Jimmy Hetherington (Bad Blood Recovery, Suitable Case For Treatment)
  • Peter Lloyd (Kid Kin)
  • Ben Ulph (eeebleee, Thumb Quintet)
  • Tim Waterfield (Karhide)

Available to download for £3.

Music For A Good Home 3 (2014)

Music For A Good Home 3 is the fourth Audioscope release. Featuring 31 exclusive and rare tracks, the album includes some of the biggest names in alternative music: Amon Tobin, John Parish, Future Of The Left, Grumbling Fur and Seefeel are among those who have donated new and exclusive material.

The album, which also features Dirty Beaches and Metz, is available for a minimum donation of £5 to Shelter at

What’s great about the Audioscope project is that it’s using new and innovative music – they’re not interested in putting out a charity record that you might buy because you supported the cause, but were unlikely to ever listen to – Audioscope are promoting good music and raising money for a vital and underfunded service at the same time. I salute that.” John Parish

Being able to contribute to a compilation that actually does more than become a forgotten list of songs or a dusty drink coaster in the case of a CD is a wonderful thing, especially when it is in aid of helping the homeless.” Future of the Left

Music For A Good Home – Oxford Edition (2014)

Our snapshot of the vibrant Oxfordshire music scene with 19 tracks that take in everything from the unforgiving doom metal of Undersmile and the heartfelt Americana of Toliesel, to the instrumental post rock of Listing Ships, and speakeasy jazz of The Original Rabbit Foot Spasm Band. There’s also the spiky post-punk of Spinner Fall and Hot Hooves, going alongside the droney experimentation of Opened Space and Lee Riley’s LR/GW project.

The album, which also features the beautiful songwriting of Jess Hall, Tamara and The Martyrs and Jordan O’Shea is available for a minimum donation of £4 to Shelter at

You’ll love at least half the songs and the other half you’ll want to live with. Go on, give it a good home.” Nightshift

Music For A Good Home 2 (2012)

Music For A Good Home 2 is the third Audioscope release and includes exclusive and rare tracks from artists who have either performed at or supported the festival. Featuring 40 tracks, the album includes new and exclusive tracks from internationally-renowned musicians including Four Tet, Wire, Beak> and Ride, as well as the best of Oxfordshire’s music scene. Music For A Good Home 2 is available for a minimum donation of £5, with all proceeds going to Shelter.

“Stuffed full with new stuff by bands you love, and a whole lot of new stuff to tickle your fancy.” – The 405

“What a gem. This is like an incredible mix tape that the cool, quirky, hipster, geek-chic kid in high school would give you if you happened to be friends with them.” – Louder Than War and

Music For A Good Home (2009)

The second Audioscope compilation showcases some of our favourite bands who have performed at Audioscope festivals from 2002 to 2009. The album features exclusive, previously-unreleased and rare tracks from the likes of Four Tet, Maps, Damo Suzuki (Can) and Michael Rother (Neu!), who have all donated tracks to help Audioscope continue to raise money for the national homelessness charity Shelter. Four Tet’s track, entitled ‘Audioscope’, was written especially for the release, while Maps chose to record a Bob Dylan track that songwriter James Chapman felt was particularly appropriate to support Shelter.

The tracklist:

  1. Michael Rother – Maus-Mann-Motiv (previously unreleased)
  2. Piano Magic – Never It Will Be The Same Again (from a now-deleted vinyl release)
  3. Four Tet – Audioscope (previously unreleased)
  4. The Oscillation – The 3rd Harmonic (previously unreleased)
  5. Damo Suzuki – Truck On Track (previously unreleased)
  6. Dieter Moebius – Popst (previously unreleased)
  7. Maps – Not Dark Yet (previously unreleased)
  8. Pram – Tumblin (previously unreleased)
  9. Shooting At Unarmed Men – Death By Decaf
  10. Vibracathedral Orchestra – Gat Rot (previously unreleased)
  11. Clinic – Earl Mallard (from a now-deleted vinyl release)
  12. Blood Red Shoes – Carry Knots (exclusive mix)
  13. Einstellung – Und Die Ruhe Ist Donner (previously unreleased)


Our first album release was a limited-edition run of 300 CD albums in 2002, released to mark the second year of Audioscope. It featured bands from the first two festivals in 2001 and 2002, including new tracks by Pram, Nought, Kaito (whose singer Nik has now gone on to form Factory Floor), Dustball (now forming most of Frank Turner’s backing band!) and our first headliners Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia…

The tracklist:

  1. Nought – Redrag
  2. eeebleee – Lean Into Me
  3. Pram – No Human Company
  4. Fighting Red Adair – Muckraker
  5. Souvaris – We Cannot Help, But We Can Agree…
  6. Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element – There Are Already Enough Photographs of People And Doors
  7. Dustball – Send In The Clones
  8. Appliance – A Little More Information
  9. Cat On Form – Soiled Skulls
  10. Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia… – Fall Between The Walls (edit)
  11. eeebleee – Shoes
  12. Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element – Cow