AUDIOSCOPE17 raises £1,000 for Shelter

We’re very happy to say that with your help, Audioscope 2017 raised a total of £1,000 to help Shelter’s fight against homelessness.

This takes our fundraising total for Shelter to more than £32,000 since 2001.

Thanks to all the artists who gave up their time and performed without a fee to help us support the charity, and to everyone who came along to the show – this is what has made such an excellent contribution to Shelter possible.

Stay tuned in the new year for news about what we’ll be up to next.

Audioscope 2017 tickets now on sale

We’re delighted to announce the lineup for the seventeenth Audioscope festival.

Tickets are on sale now for £17.50 – with all proceeds going to homelessness charity Shelter.


The lineup so far, with more acts to be announced, is:

  • Nathan Fake
  • JK Flesh
  • The KVB
  • Daniel O’Sullivan
  • Sex Swing
  • R. Seiliog
  • July Skies
  • Masiro

Here’s more about the artists on this year’s lineup:

NATHAN FAKE: A rare UK show from Nathan Fake, who has been creating some of the most forward-thinking electronica of the past ten years, culminating in his latest album on Ninja Tune, which sees him reaching ” dizzying new heights while remaining unmistakably one step ahead” (Bleep).

JK FLESH: Nothing short of a legend, we’re thrilled to welcome Justin Broadrick, the genius behind Godflesh, Jesu and some of the most progressive experimental music of the last 20 years to Audioscope at last, bringing the crushing and unrelenting beats of JK Flesh with him.

THE KVB: Like a hazily remembered dream, the KVB blend reverb-soaked shoegaze with minimalist electronic production to create their delicate and ephemeral sound. For fans of vintage synths, 80s soundtracks, Ladytron, Add N To (X) and shoegaze walls of sound – all the good things in life, basically.

DANIEL O’SULLIVAN: Grumbling Fur and Ulver mainman Daniel O’Sullivan showcases his wonderfully rich, magical solo work on new album “Veld” in this one-off, intimate performance.

SEX SWING: Featuring members of Earth, Part Chimp, Mugstar and more, Sex Swing are the abrasive, confrontational supergroup that the UK music scene has been crying out for. An unmissable force of noise.

R. SEILIOG: One listen to Welsh wunderkind R. Seiliog’s album “In Hz” was enough for us to book him on the spot for Audioscope – it’s the perfect blend of krautrock grooves, frenetic electronica and pure rhythmic addiction.

JULY SKIES: Lush, pastoral post-rock, hauntology and avant-folk inspired by “pylons across fields, abandoned airfields,, old Ordnance Survey maps, lost airmen and test card music of the 1970s & 80s”.

MASIRO: One of our favourite Oxford bands right now, playing a mix of complex, polyrhythmic math-rock and uncompromising thug-rock. A real afternoon wake-up call.

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AUDIOSCOPE16 lineup announcement

We are thrilled to unveil the lineup for this year’s Audioscope show, which takes place on the evening of Friday 4 November at The Bullingdon, Oxford.

As ever, this show is unmissable for anyone who likes their music alternative, forward-thinking and just a little bit different.



Featuring Thurston Moore’s guitarist and erstwhile Oxford legend James Sedwards, Nøught are one of the most incredible live bands you will ever witness. Hardcore, jazz, math-rock and pretty much everything else blended together into a seamless, uncompromising display of musicianship, intensity and imagination.

This show means a lot to us, as Nøught performed at our second festival way back in 2002, and it’s a pleasure to bring them back to Oxford for a very rare performance.

“There’s something exhilarating about hearing music that refuses to yield to simplicity yet maintains an absolute vision of where it’s going, pulling the listener along in its wake.” – Julian Cope

“The first person who’s not a footballer that I’ve been jealous of.” – John Peel on guitarist James Sedwards


Fresh from rave reviews for the release of new album The Shape of the Dance, Tomaga – comprising half of The Oscillation – make music like no one else. Freeform, gliding synths and scattering percussion, one moment propulsive and direct, and the next abstract and discursive, it’s never less than compelling.

“Lysergically loose and adroit psych explorations… a strange beauty” – Boomkat

“Searching for the right words to describe Tomaga’s music isn’t particularly easy.” – The Quietus

Ben Duvall (Ex-Easter Island Head)

An extremely rare opportunity to witness a new piece from Ex-Easter Island Head mainman Ben Duvall designed for prepared guitars, FM radio and vibration speakers.

Rhys Chatham’s “Guitar Trio” presented by The Oxford Guitar Orchestra

A unique, one-off live experience for tonight only. A hand-picked lineup of Oxford musicians will perform Rhys Chatham’s legendary no-wave guitar piece “Guitar Trio”.

Written in 1977 and a defining point in Chatham’s career as one of the pivotal figures in avant-garde music, “Guitar Trio” went on to become one of the most enduring works in the composer’s catalogue, droning through a single chord, it’s the ultimate statement in punk minimalism.

The lineup will be a band formed for the occasion made up of figures from Oxford’s diverse local music scene – lineup to be announced soon.


As you’ll see, the other news is that there is no all-day Audioscope festival this year. This is our Audioscope 2016 event – so please buy a ticket enjoy the music and help us raise money for Shelter!